Bosco Verticale, Milan – Green Skyscraper

Bosco Verticale - Green Skyscraper

The Bosco Verticale residential complex in the Expo city of Milan can probably be described as the first vertical “forest” in the world. With this project, the architect Stefano Boeri want to demonstrate the future of cities – urban gardening architecture.

Green houses and roof gardens are nothing new, but here thousands of trees and plants have been planted directly on the balconies of the 87 and 119 metre high buildings, which are intended to provide the inhabitants with a good microclimate. The plants are used to filter dust particles from the air and produce oxygen. Also they are a natural insulating material and protect the apartments against heat, coldness and noise. The trees in the skyscrapers receive water fully automatically with the help of an electronically controlled irrigation system.

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 3 und 4

This type of living is still reserved for the wealthy and it remains to be seen whether the greenery can really withstand extreme weather conditions and how living, spreading plants can cope with rigid concrete.

The buildings, completed at the end of 2014, were recently awarded the International Highrise Award. Similar projects have already been completed in other countries, and such buildings are also planned in cities such as London, Berlin and Frankfurt.

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 2

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 5

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 6

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 7

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 8

Bosco Verticale - Vertikaler Wald 9

Used equipment:
Canon EOS 6D, 17-40 mm 4.0, Adobe Photoshop

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